A day before the conference, on December 10, a world-renowned ITSM practitioner and consultant Barclay Rae will run two workshops. To make attending these workshops more affordable for Estonian practitioners, itSMF Estonia has negotiated a special price - €150 per delegate for each (regular price €300), or €250 for both (regular price €500). The venue for the workshops is conference room "Tornimäe 1" in Swissotel (same floor as our conference the next day). For those attending both workshops, lunch is included in the price.

December 10

08:30 - 12:30
ITSM Optimiser - making the most of ITSM
Barclay Rae Consulting

This is an interactive workshop that looks at current and new trends and practises, providing attendees with new ideas and options on how to make the most of their ITSM operation, processes and tools.

This is useful e.g. for organisations looking at either changing their ITSM software, or optimising their current tools (or those that are not sure) and provides clear advice and direction about how to move forward. It’s also useful as a general refresher and ideas forum for those simply looking for some new ideas or some new input to tackling outstanding issues.

13:30 - 17:30
Memorable Metrics - producing reports that are valuable and actionable
Barclay Rae Consulting

This session identifies issues with current IT reporting (particularly operational reporting) and provides practical suggestions on how to improve and develop really useful reports and metrics, targeted for different stakeholders.

This is a mixture of some presentations around current thinking on IT metrics and dashboards, with sessions on how to build up 'bundles' of reports (often using existing data) both for internal IT and external customer/user consumption.

This in effect is how to do CSI and the session includes a number of suggested measures and metrics that can be used to improve service quality and also demonstrate the value of IT.